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The Agency for gaming licenses was founded in June 2014 by Michel Matschoss and Michael Tschiggerl.

Our goal is to revive good and timeless games from well known authors and make them accessible again to new generations - as classic board games or for the digital games market.
This means we care as an agency for the rights and licensing of games. We want to be a trustworthy and reliable partner for publishers by offering new and classic games and – where necessary – editorial support.

In addition, we offer ourselves as an author representative and develop Taylor-made games for industry and commerce.
On this page, we want to give you an idea: about us, about authors and selected games.

About us – The Smart Cookies are:

Michael Tschiggerl, managing partner. The communications consultant supervised 12 years public relations for the Winning Moves Deutschland GmbH. As part of the product development of the publishing house he developed, among others over 120 cities Monopoly and was in charge for editorial publication of the German quartet Top Trumps games. Michel Matschoss, partner and editor.
 Michel Matschoss wants to care as a partner primarily for editorial tasks. Matschoss was for many years Marketing Manager of 3M Bookshelf Games and managing director of Winning Moves Deutschland GmbH. He was more than 30-year friend of Alex Randolph. Together they developed the 1982 Game of the Year crowned "Enchanted Forest". Our company name Smart Cookie Games is a tribute to Alex Randolph, who called his later as "Zauberlesen" published game first „Smart Cookie“.

Game Designer Representation

You own the rights to already released games, but have no contact with publishers? You have a promising game developed, but no time to present it to publishers? Talk to us. Smart Cookie Games is well networked in the games industry. We take care of confidence to your game and fulfill your interests.

We present Alex Randolph games

Alex_Randolph_ © Niek Neuwahl

Our first client is the Alex Randolph Games LLC. On behalf of Michael Katz, Alex Randolph's nephew and heir, Smart Cookie Games oversees the rights and licenses of Alex Randolph’s games repertoire.

We can offer over 100 games of Alex Randolph for the publication. On these pages we regularly present a small selection. For the overall portfolio or selected title you are welcome to contact us.

„If I believe that an idea is good, when I'm really convinced when I also think that it is original and deserves to live, then I try to keep it alive as long as it goes. For all these games, once they have disappeared from the market, they are not gone from my heart. And at the first opportunity I will try to bring them back on the market, so they do not die. Some almost die, but not really, and if you give them a second chance, they sometimes make it.“

Alex Randolph

Rudi Hoffmann

Rudi Hoffmann was one of the most renowned game designers in Germany. He was born in Höxter in 1924 and died in July 2008 at the age of 84. Rudi Hoffmann discovered game design through his studies at the art academy. After years of working as a freelance commercial artist and illustrator, he worked in the games industry from the mid-1960s. With over 40 games published, he is one of the most prolific and creative German game designers, who also illustrated many of his works himself. 1989 his game Cafe International won Spiel des Jahres Award. His oeuvre ranges from lovingly illustrated children's games to card and family games to pen & paper.

Smart Cookie Games is representing Rudi Hoffmann's game portfolio since 2022.

We can offer some of his most famous games for re-release:

  • Räuber und Gendarm (auf der Auswahlliste Spiel des Jahres 1981)
  • Janus (auf der Auswahlliste Spiel des Jahres 1988)
  • Maestro (auf der Auswahlliste Spiel des Jahres 1989)
  • Heuchel und Meuchel (auf der Auswahlliste Spiel des Jahres 1990)
  • Minister (auf der Auswahlliste Spiel des Jahres 1998)

Günter Burkhardt

Günter Burkhardt from the Swabian town of Bad Ditzenbach-Gosbach launched his first game on the market in 1997 with "Manitou". Since then many more have been added. He achieved his greatest success together with his daughter Lena. Their "Funkelschatz", published by Haba, was declared Kinderspiel des Jahres in 2018. Günter Burkhardt is a secondary school teacher, but turned his hobby into a profession years ago. Günter Burkhardt has entrusted Smart Cookie Games his two-player game "Castillos".

Downlaod the Game Description of "Castillos"

Thomas H. Jeong

Thomas H. Jeong is C.O.O. of UBO fun & learn, one of the most important board game companies in Korea. He started his career as a digital game designer in a company which became Nexon Mobile at 1998. He designs board games from the year 2000, while he was working on digital games as a game designer and publishing manager. In Korea he designed more then 20 board and card games. 

Thomas founded UBO fun & learn with his wife in 2011. From that time he does not only publish his own games, but aswell ideas from other designers. His interest nowadays is combining boardgame ideas with other intellectual properties like Comics or Digital games. He likes to revitalize old board game systems with new story telling factors.

F. ex. Alex Randolph’s ‚Xequeo’. He acquired the license from SMART COOKIE GAMES and produceed in 2017 a korean version with the korean comic theme ‚Will you marry me’. Sid Sackson's classic 'I'm the boss' will be published in Korea with another korean Comics (Gauss Electronics).

In 2017 Thomas H. Jeong, together with the Busan City Agency, created the Boardgame Design Round table (BDR) in his hometown Busan. The event will include game developers from Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

SMART COOKIE GAMES represents UBO fun & learn with different games in Europe: 

  • Ten Cats
  • Selectio
  • Scoops
  • AAChoo

Thomas Sing

Thomas Sing is a graduate economist and master of the numbers and probabilities. Mathematics is his passion, especially the broad field of game theory, the science of strategic thinking. Wherever the creativity of everyday life touches science and where creativity becomes creactivity, he feels at home. In his school days, Thomas Sing was the world record holder in "Mensch-Ärgere-Dich-Nicht" and so found the way to the Guinness Book of Records.

In 2010, Thomas Sing and Dr. Ralph-Peter Gebhardt founded the Miss Lupun riddle at the Lupun publishing house, where they distributed their riddles "Miss Lupun". In 2011, the board game " Miss Lupun und das Geheimnis der Zahlen" is published by Winning Moves (recommendation for the SdJ-2012). 2013, the strategy game "Tackle, Duell der Strategen" appears at the Süddeutsche Zeitung. In 2014, the SZ publishes the Miss Lupun children's book " Miss Lupun - 50 Rätsel für clevere Kinder. Entdecke das Geheimnis hinter der Zahl“. In 2016 the dice game "Kribbeln" appears at Ravensburger. The international edition is called: Color'Yam. Huch & Friends publishes in 2016 the solo game "Prof. Marbles". 2015 Thomas Sing bought a big kiosk, which he runs together with friends, so he has enough time for other interests, such as inventing games.

He commissioned SMART COOKIE GAMES to license his new card game "Gandhi".

Download the Gandhi game description

Dirk Hanneforth


Dirk Hanneforth is director of a full-time school in Bielefeld. There he founded a school games library and publishes the magazine "Spielcasino" with his students. Since 1981 he invents games. In addition, he has published a large number of game books, in which he deals with the theme of "game at school", but also with puzzle games, dice, language and writing games. Hiking, geocaching and reading are among his hobbies.

Dirk Hanneforth entrusted Smart Cookie Games with two of his older games.

The tricky memo variant "Froschkönig" (Frog King), a dice game for two and more children from 5 years.

Download the game descrition "Frog Prince"

Also "Linie" (line): an abstract dice game for 3-4 players, ages 8+.

Download the game description "Line"

30 CARATS by Fabien Chevillon

Fabien ChevillonAs a banker, Fabien Chevillon has more than 15 years of experience in investment banking and capital markets. He currently specializes in corporate restructuring/workout at Natixis. The french previously worked in derivatives structuring at BNP Paribas, in financial engineering at HSBC and in mergers and acquisitions at ABN AMRO Rothschild. These various positions allowed him to develop a wide expertise in legal, accounting, tax optimization, complex project management and business development.

30caratsAs an author and board game designer, Fabien has nearly 10 years in experience in game designing. In 2013, he co-published 30 CARATS, a multi-award winning board game distributed in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Canada, Spain, Portugal, UK and Italy. 30 CARATS was voted best prototype in France in 2011 (1st #70 competitors), best prototype in Europe in 2012 (1st #160 competitors), best prototype in Switzerland in 2013 (1st #30 competitors) and voted among 10 best board games in 2014 by Mensa Switzerland - the High IQ Society. 30 CARATS was finalist of the 2014 TRIC TRAC d’OR competition in France. His digital company „Fabulous Games“ was recently incorporated.

Download the 30 CARATS game description

Taylor-made games


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